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Help I will be attending in costume. Am I allowed to bring weapons to the show?

Real weapons are banned. Cosplayers or costumers whose costumes include replica weapons such as a machete or sword may have these items inspected to assure the bladed weapons are not a threat (ie: sharp or dangerous). Crossbows and/or guns must be fake or disabled from working, and again, available for inspection.

If you arrive with any of these items they will be confiscated until you leave the convention – or you may take them away.

Any loaded projectile weapon



Blow darts
Metal swords
Hard wood swords

Daggers, kunai, swords, knives, shurikens – or any article that has a blade or is sharply pointed

Realistic replica firearms
Live firearms
Decommissioned firearms
Strung Crossbows
Spears with solid, sharp points
Knuckle dusters

If in doubt please email us, safety is of utmost importance to us, as a zero tolerance stance will be taken.  If you are caught illegally carrying a knife or a gun, even an imitation one you can be arrested and prosecuted!

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