Something Wicked this way comes!

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Scareplay Costume Competition Information
11th & 12th May 2019

Join us at HorrorConUK on Saturday or Sunday, for the HorrorConUK‘s Something Wicked Scareplay costume competition!

Join our favourite horror hostess, Bunny Galore, on stage in the Big Hall Theatre, show your teeth, raise your weapon and act like hell for the judging panel and audience as your best horror alter ego!

All ages welcome as long as its horror – Sign up now places are limited!

Booking Form

How to Enter the Competition:

Please submit your entry through our online form which you will find here.

If your entry is accepted you will receive confirmation and an entry number.

On the day of the competition you should confirm your entry at the Scareplay Competition Point in the corridor outside the Big Hall 15 minutes before the start of the competition.  You will be checked off the entry list and given your entry number.

Each contestant may only enter the competition once per day.

There is no entry fee to participate in the contest; however, you must have a ticket into HorrorConUK ‘s Something Wicked to take part.


There is only one category – Horror!  If your costume isn’t horror then you can’t enter!


There will be prizes for:

  • Best under 15’s
  • Best original character – this should be a character you have created
  • Best Film or TV Character costume
  • Best Characterisation – a prize for the best acting (killer attitude?) in character
  • Bunny’s Choice – a prize for special merit in any way that our horror host, Bunny Galore, chooses!

The judges decisions are final, please don’t argue, plead or cajole!

What to do at the Competition:

Please report to the Scareplay Competition Point on the corridor outside the Big Hall by 15 minutes before the start and pick up your entry number and be ready to take part!

You will be called to the stage area using your number, name and character.  You will then walk onto the stage area.  The compere may ask you a question so be prepared to speak, or if your character doesn’t speak then maybe do something else to impress the judges!  Please don’t swear or be vulgar (well not too much anyway!)

You won’t have long on stage – maybe 30 seconds or so – so make it count! There’s no time for a full performance but maybe strike a pose or walk in character? Bunny Galore will give you a few tips at the start!

HorrorCon UK Scareplay Costume Competition Rules:

You must have entered the competition online before HorrorConUk ‘s Something Wicked – submit the form here

Carers, Spotters or Handlers:

Should you have a disability or your vision or mobility is impaired by your costume then you will be allowed to have your carer/spotter or handler accompany you onto the stage area provided they have a valid entry ticket to HorrorConUK  ‘s Something Wicked.  The carer/spotter or handler is not an entrant into the competition but may be dressed in character to complement your costume.


By entering the Scareplay competition you give permission to be photographed or video recorded  during the competition and convention and give HorrorConUK Ltd permission to use any such photographs on their website and in any future publicity and marketing.

Obscure Costumes:

If your costume is particularly obscure e.g. we might not know who it is, please bring a few printed/photocopied images for the judging panel to assess you against.  Please don’t bring your last photo or copy as the copies may not be returned to you.

Health and Safety:

No Special Effects are allowed on stage e.g. No explosive devices, flame throwing, or similar special effects to be used.  Please do not use any projectiles or otherwise throw anything into the audience including flowers, balloons, balls, sweets, explosives, pellets, bullets.

Please do not bring anything onto the stage with you that drips, leaks, etc., including: glitter, oil, fake (or real!) blood, paint or any liquids, glitter, confetti, streamers etc. If you bring something onto the stage area with you please take it with you when you leave.

Please ensure that you have read the policy on banned weapons and adhere to this.

For legal reasons and on the grounds of health and safety, we cannot allow real weapons into the convention, or fake weapons, such as for use in Scareplay or costuming, which could still be dangerous and such items will be checked at the ticket desk on entry to the convention.  This also applies to other props such as staffs or staves.

For example crossbows or guns must be fake and disabled from working, machetes or swords must not have a sharp blade, so will be made of rubber or foam.


Please cover yourself at least as much as swim wear would – remember we’re a child friendly event and therefore not X rated!

Insuring your Costume:

HorrorConUK is not responsible for any damage to your costume whilst at the convention or during the competition.  You may therefore wish to insure your costume yourself.

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