Something Wicked this way comes on 11th & 12th May 2019!

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Special GuestBen Wilkinson

Ben Wilkinson is a local filmmaker that creates cross-genre short films, documentaries and music videos. Ben produced Spirit of Independence with colleague and business partner, Matt Rowan-Maw, for the local community TV channel Sheffield Live.  The series specialised in profiling local filmmakers work and highlighted the wealth of talent within the region. Recently, Ben has been working with film college students, to help and assist them in shaping their work by providing them with his insight and experience as a filmmaker.

Ben currently manages the film screening room at HorrorConUK and is the head honcho for selecting from the vast amount of international horror shorts that are submitted to the fest!

Ben is also running his first film festival ‘The Spirit of Independence‘ at The Abbeydale Picture House in Sheffield in September 2019!


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