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Special GuestEileen Dietz

Eileen Dietz has over 100 film and TV roles to her credit, and is best known for her work on 1973 Oscar winning film classic The Exorcist where she portrayed two memorable roles in the film, Pazuzu the demon (AKA the face of death), and the ‘possessed Regan’. She performed in scenes that were too violent or disturbing for the young Blair to perform, including the crucifix scene, the fight with Father Karras and many others.  After The Exorcist, Dietz had a highly active career on television, appearing as a guest star on such shows as Planet of the ApesKorg: 70,000 B.C.Barnaby Jones, and Happy Days, among others. She then went on to appear in Constantine, Creepshow III., Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job as well as Winnie Gilmore in Halloween II, directed by Rob Zombie. Eileen Dietz writes about her time on The Exorcist and more in her memoir Exorcising My Demons: An Actress’s Journey to the Exorcist and Beyond.

*Autograph £30

Photo Shoot £30

*Autographs are for sale at the event

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