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Special GuestMatt Shaw

Matt Shaw is the prolific author of over 170 books and the creator of the infamous “DeadTed: Controversial Cuddles” bears. One of the UK’s leading horror authors, he is known for his work in the Extreme Horror genre and has also had his work translated into Japanese, Korean and German with several film options sold. With work sometimes compared to Stephen King, Richard Laymon and Edward Lee, Shaw is best known for his extreme horror novels (The infamous Black Cover Range).  He has also dabbled in other genres with much success; including romance, thrillers, erotica and dramas.

If you’re a true fan of horror, you cannot afford to miss out on his work. If you’re a bit of a girl’s blouse, you might want to wave politely at him before passing on by…

Matt will be bringing Chewy the Pug for her convention debut, come on by and say hello. Unlike Shaw, she hasn’t written anything but she is an expert at slobbering and attention seeking.

Check out more of Matt Shaw’s work at:



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