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Special GuestNicholas Vince

Nicholas Vince trained at Mountview Theatre Academy, and shortly after graduating he met Clive Barker, modelling for him and later being cast as The Chatterer Cenobite in ‘Hellraiser’ in 1987 and in its sequel ‘Hellbound: Hellraiser II’ in 1988. He subsequently played Kinski in Barker’s 1990 film ‘Nightbreed’.

For Marvel Comics he wrote stories for the Hellraiser and Nightbreed comics plus the series ‘Warheads’ and Mortigan Goth. He modelled for the art of John Bolton and for Dave McKean in Cages. He served as both secretary and chairman of the Comics Creators Guild. He’s published two collections short stories ‘What Monsters Do’ and ‘Other People’s Darkness’. In 2017, his Hellraiser short story ‘Prayers for Desire’ was published within Hellraiser Anthology Volume 2, detailing the origin story for The Chatterer.

His interview series ‘The Luggage in the Crypt’ appeared in the magazine Skeleton Crew. His short story ‘Look, See’, which gives an alternative origin of the Chatterer, appeared in Fear magazine. Since 2014 he’s hosted a chat show on YouTube, ‘Chattering with Nicholas Vince’, where he interviews independent film makers, writers, artists and actors.

*Autograph £25

Hellraiser Reunion Photo Shoot £115 (with Doug, Barbie and Simon)

Cenobite Photo Shoot £75 (with Barbie & Simon)

Photo Shoot £25

*Autographs are for sale at the event

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