Something Wicked this way comes on 11th & 12th May 2019!

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About HorrorConUK

This is not a dream! This is really happening! HorrorConUK returns with ‘Something Wicked‘ on 11th & 12th May 2019 at Magna for its fifth spine-chilling year.  HorrorConUK is the UK’s biggest horror convention and has garnered a reputation as a must-attend event that annually attracts an enthusiastic audience from all over the globe, and is well known for its friendly atmosphere and community vibe.

This year’s programme includes Special Guests, Exhibits, Props, Live Panels, Horror Market, Short Film Screenings & the hilarious “Scareplay” Costume Competition hosted by Bunny GaloreBuy tickets now! 

We had some very special guests waiting to meet you in 2018…
These included world renowned Italian horror film director Lamberto Bava; Re-Animator actors Jeffrey Combs & Barbara Crampton; Cujo, Grimm and ET actor Dee Wallace; Lost Boy’s actor Billy Wirth and Waxwork, Titanic and The Omen’s David Warner. Each of our special guests participated in a live talk in our theatre with our hosts Tony Earnshaw, Darrell Buxton and Ben Wilkinson.

There was music from Brazilian-born Italian musician and film composer Claudio Simonetti who performed a set of his most famous film scores from such horror classics as Demons, Suspiria, Deep Red & Dawn of the Dead.

Horror genre artist Graham Humphreys brought his iconic artwork, and also a specially commissioned print featuring our 2018 guests available exclusively to HorrorConUK.

There was comedy from The Pop-Up Puppet Cinema with their unique reinterpretations of film classics Jaws & Back to the Future!

Horror film shorts were screened Saturday & Sunday including Cult Screening’s The Offer Starring Kenneth Cranham & Bruce Jones.

Profundo Mondo performed their VJ set of classic Giallo film sound tracks & visuals in the Fuel Bar.

The Blackpool Horror Crypt brought a selection of their famous movie monsters, props and madmen to display at the show.

And at the very black heart of HorrorConUK was our huge & lively bustling Horror Market in The Big Hall that included many of the very best names in the horror industry, including our sponsors Mad About Horror, Nerdoh! Arrow, Unusual Horror, Cineworld & This is Scary.

And we finished off the day with a bang with our Scareplay costume competition hosted by our glamorous horror host Bunny Galore

HorrorConUK will be back again next year with Something Wicked on the 11th & 12th May 2019 at Magna Science Adventure Centre.

HorrorConUK 2017

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HorrorConUK 2017

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