Something Wicked this way comes!

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About HorrorConUK

This years event included special guest signings and photo ops, live Q&A talks with our special guests in our theatre, International short horror film screenings, The Black Market trading hall with the likes of Graham Humphreys, The Dark Side’s Rick Melton, Cineworld, Bleading Marvellous & Mad About Horror, and our exhibitor space featured The No Sleep Podcast, SPFX artists, prop & mask makers, The Thing film display, original artwork, apparel, and shock horror – cakes!

Malcolm McDowell also joined us for an intimate screening of A Clockwork Orange and in person appearance and Q&A at The Showroom Cinema, Sheffield on Friday 20th May 2022!  This was a rare opportunity to hear Malcolm talk about his legendary role as well as viewing the gorgeousity of Stanley Kubrick’s subversive tour de force on the big screen!  We had an absolute blast and by the sounds of it so did you!

So until we see you again in 2023 here is Slimehouse TV interviewing the one & only legendary Malcolm McDowell!  What a guy!!


Interview with Sean Pertwee with Slimehouse TV at HorrorConUK’s Something Wicked 2019.  Enjoy!

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HorrorConUK 2017

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