Something Wicked this way comes!

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About HorrorConUK

HorrorConUK’s 2023 event included special guest signings and photo ops, live Q&A talks with our special guests in our theatre, International short horror film screenings, The Black Market trading hall with the likes of Graham Humphreys, The Dark Side’s Rick Melton, Cineworld, Bleading Marvelous & Mad About Horror.  Expect more of the same in 2024!!

Take a look at the insanely awesome weekend we had with the Hellraiser Cenobites, Heather Langenkamp, Jonathan Breck, Richard Brake & Eileen Dietz!!

Slimehouse TV interviewing the one & only legendary Malcolm McDowell in 2022!  What a guy!!


Interview with Sean Pertwee with Slimehouse TV at HorrorConUK in 2019.  Enjoy!


HorrorConUK with Dee Wallace in 2018


HorrorConUK in 2017

HorrorConUK with Thom Mathews in 2017


HorrorConUK in 2017 with the legendary Sid Haig

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Guest Announcement!

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