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Blog A Big Thank You from HorrorConUK!!

What an amazing weekend we had this year. It was an absolute blast! We are still recovering, how about you? We had an great time and it was just awesome to meet and say hello to some of you.

I think Kavity the Klown has infected me, as I keep saying “WTF!” in a high pitched American accent!

Kavity the Klown with a petrified Heather Langenkamp!

What we love more than anything is bringing the horror community together in a special celebration of our favourite genre!

We are currently planning the next show in 2018, so if there is a guest, an act, an exhibitor or anything at all that you would like to see etc please do let us know by emailing us at

Check out our picture gallery, you might be on there!

Keep in touch!

Wendy & Gill V”V

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