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Blog Clive Barker ‘The Art of Horror’ Exhibition

Clive Barker is the creator of Hellraiser, Nightbreed, Lord of Illusions, Books of Blood, Dread and Midnight Meat Train. His books have sold millions of copies from Weaveworld to Abarat, he has created worlds of the horrific and fantastic.

Clive Barker ‘The Art of Horror’ is an exhibition of original artwork at HorrorConUK’s Something Wicked.  The Art on display is from every stage of his career and is all for sale. There are concept drawings for characters and works from all his films and novels. You will be able to see drawings from the Books of Blood, Weaveworld and Abarat. Designs for Nightbreed and Hellraiser including early Pinhead arts.

There will also be signed film posters and prints by Clive Barker along with mega limited NightbreedThe Cabal Cut posters, memorabilia and original props from Nightbreed, all from the collection of Russell Cherrington – Restoration Director.

The Exhibition will be in The James Naysmith Room.

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