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Blog Guest Announcement! The Grimm-Life Collective

We are so happy😊that joining us at HorrorConUK on 11th & 12th of May 2024 is Michael and Jessica Kolence of The ☠️Grimm-Life Collective!  The Grimm-Life Collective through their YouTube channel, based in Hollywood, California, document their various adventures exploring eerie and mysterious places from around the globe🌎with a particular focus on sites of true crime, famous graves🪦filming locations, strange roadside attractions & haunted 👻and abandoned places!

  They strive to inspire curiosity and a sense of adventure in their audience whilst also respecting the history and significance of the places they visit. They bring a sense of excitement and wonder to their explorations, and invite their viewers to join them on their journey.  They have worked with horror legends such as Shelley Duvall, John Landis, Doug Bradley and Tom Savini, and have made a name for themselves in the horror community with their cinematic documentary style videos.

Entry Tickets🎟️and photo op tickets are on sale now🔥🔥🔥Don’t miss your chance to meet the Grimm-Life Collective!

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