Something Wicked this way comes on 11th & 12th May 2019!

Blog HorrorConUK Scareplay Costume Competition

The HorrorConUK Scareplay Costume Competition is back! And with it returns The Horror Hostess with the Mostest Bunny Galore! It was so much fun last year, those of you that entered went to such amazing efforts in your costume designs; we were in awe at such talent & creativity! To say we were impressed is a massive understatement!

So for HorrorConUK Part 3 there is only one category – Horror! If your costume isn’t horror then you can’t enter, so scram!

There will be prizes for:
• Best under 15’s
• Best original character
• Best Film or TV Character costume
• Best Characterisation – a prize for the best acting
(killer attitude?) in character
• Bunny’s Choice – a prize for special merit in any way
that Bunny Galore chooses!

To enter click here

The Scareplay competition is sponsored by Smart-FX



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