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Unusual Horror is an entertainment site focusing on the horror genre and is proud to sponsor HorrorConUK 2018.

Unusual Horror prides itself on providing diverse and original content, aiming to offer something for fans of all horror niches including art, SFX, photography, cosplay, merchandise etc. the creepier the better and has now introduced video content into its arsenal which is going down a storm!

Unusual Horror strives to keep fans up to date with all the latest horror news including cinematic release dates, casting choices or any other news of interest to fans of horror including indie horror recommendations, which don’t have the attention garnered by bigger budget films.

Unusual Horror supports the growth of the horror community, providing a platform for indie horror creators and works tirelessly to provide interesting horror content, including the smaller independent projects that prove that horror is a thriving genre that can’t be ignored.

Unusual Horror is helping to increase the social reach of many horror creators looking for an audience, seeking to work with those who have a passion for horror and aiming to expand the horror genre online whilst creating a support network for new and upcoming individuals.

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