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Special GuestMad About Horror

We’re thrilled to announce that Mad About Horror will be joining us at HorrorConUK again this year as an official sponsor!

Mad About Horror is the leading online retailer in the UK and Europe for specialist horror masks and collectibles. As the largest official European retailer of Trick or Treat Studios, they bring the latest US releases to the UK and Europe, offering a wide array of masks, collector’s items, and replica props.

In addition to their partnership with Trick or Treat Studios, Mad About Horror showcases a vast selection of leading collectible brands, including NECA, Mezco, and Sideshow, as well as niche brands such as Black Heart Models, Pallbearer Press, and Infinite Statues.

They also have a huge range of Halloween animatronics, masks, and decorations. Renowned for sourcing the latest Halloween props and animatronics from the US, Mad About Horror prides itself on retailing items that are rarely available on this side of the pond.

With an extensive product range specialising in all things horror and Halloween, Mad About Horror serves as the ultimate one-stop shop for horror fans. Their passion for the genre is evident in their commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest releases and engaging with the horror community.

Get in line to receive a con-exclusive limited edition art card with every purchase with them at HorrorConUK, and don’t miss your chance to win sponsored spot prizes during our cosplay contest at the event!

Shop with them here!

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