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Blog The Cabinet of Curiosities Returns!

With its roots in the sideshows of the old traveling fairs and the touring tent shows of oddities, Mr Punch’s Cabinet of Curiosities brings a magical, wonderful and sometimes gruesome selection of displays for your entertainment, education and is delighted to return to HorrorConUK 2024.

Come and witness these extraordinary objects and learn about their strange history and provenance.

  • Find out why Mr Punch is locked forever in his booth.

  • Explore the secrets of the sea and discover those tales the old sailors swear by may not be so far-fetched after all.

  • View the tools used to identify supernatural creatures and test to see if you are a Vampire.

  • See the macabre collection one man travelled the country with.

  • View Dorothy the doll and find out if she really is haunted!

And many other enthralling exhibits of curiosities, haunted objects, artifacts, assemblages and preserved oddities.

For those guests with a strong constitution you will be offered a chance to interact with one final, very special exhibit, but you do so at entirely your own risk…

Due to the nature of some of the exhibits it may not be suitable for those of a nervous disposition or who are easily offended.

Entry for our younger guests is at parental discretion. We appreciate that all children are different and what is suitable for one may be a little scary for another. We like to think the cabinet is no more scary than an episode of Dr Who. We have many younger guests who have enjoyed a visit and we are more than happy for you to come and view the exhibits first to check if it would be suitable for your younger guests. If you are unsure, please ask before entering.

Some of our exhibits are interactive, but we are not a ‘scare attraction’, no one will jump out at you or touch you, we like to think we are a moment of calm in the chaos of the larger convention

Mr Punch’s Cabinet of Curiosities has live curators who will answer any questions and help you get the best from your visit as you explore the collection. All of our curators are magicians, storytellers and artists and they want to share their love of the wonderful things.

A small charge will apply on the door

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