Something Wicked this way comes!

Blog Tickets on Sale & First Guest Announcement!

Happy Horror Days!

So Christmas (or Sprout Day) is right around the corner, and Jack Frost is biting us on our cold arses as we’re flipping freezing!

We hope you’re surviving the hoards in the shopping centres.

And the unrelenting Yuletide ear worms are tucking themselves deep inside your brain, but you’re looking forward to the forced celebrations with your loved ones or unloved ones maybe!

We’ll be drinking a gazillion gallon’s of Baileys, eating chocolate for breakfast, dinner & tea (yep that’s the right order, think this is actually mentioned in the Brexit deal) and finally cosying up & relaxing at home away from all the family get togethers to watch some of our favourite festive frights!  Treevenge anyone?

So that brings us round to mentioning another special holiday, one very close to our little dark hearts – HorrorConUK’s Something Wicked!  The most wonderful time of the year!  We have been inundated by so many of you asking when will we be putting tickets on sale, so as an early Christmas present we are putting them on sale now!

And just in case you think that’s all you’re getting this year, well think again!  Our first guest announcement is Jennifer Rubin!

Photo Ops will be on sale in the New Year!

Have a bloody brilliant Christmas & New Year and we look forward to seeing you at Something Wicked!

Wendy & Gill xxx

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