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Special GuestChristina Lindberg

Christina Lindberg is a Swedish actress and model who gained fame primarily in the 1970s for her roles in exploitation and cult cinema.  One of her most notable films is Thriller – A Cruel Picture (also known as They Call Her One Eye and Hooker’s Revenge), released in 1973. In this film, Lindberg played the lead role of Madeleine/Frigga, a mute woman who seeks bloody retribution after being subjected to a series of brutal and traumatic events.  Thriller is probably best known now as a prime inspiration for Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2, in which he paid homage to Christina by basing The Bride on her character in Thriller.  He even added his own one-eyed assassin into the films!

Lindberg’s performances often involved explicit and controversial content, and she became an icon in the exploitation film scene during that era. Despite the controversial nature of some of her roles, she has remained a cult figure, especially among fans of exploitation cinema.

Christina will be appearing both days.

Photo Shoot £40

Autographed Photo or Signing £30 (Available to purchase on the day at guest’s table)

Please note:  Autograph prices are set by the guests and/or their agents.

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