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Banned Items List

Banned items list

The following items are banned from HorrorConUK and/or illegal in the UK.  If an attendee at HorrorConUK brings any of these items to the convention you will be given the opportunity to take the item/s away with you or the item/s will be confiscated until you leave the convention:

  • Any items restricted or prohibited from being carried by UK law that are made for the purpose of causing injury and have no other practical purpose in the normal world, e.g., knuckledusters, throwing stars, flick knives
  • Metal blades, whether sharp or blunt, e.g., swords, axes, kunai, knives, bayonets, etc.
  • Guns, rifles, or artillery, including airsoft guns, BB guns, and paintball guns
  • Hard bats, truncheons, swords, or clubs, e.g., wooden or metal
  • Realistic replica firearms
  • Live firearms
  • Decommissioned firearms
  • Any loaded projectile weapon, e.g., strung bows, crossbows, catapults, blow darts
  • Any sharp items
  • Laser pointers, vuvuzelas, loud hailers/megaphones, filled spray devices e.g. water pistol, silly string
  • Heavy tools and power tools, e.g., iron pokers, crowbars, drills, chainsaws
  • Chemical weapons, explosives, and incendiary devices, e.g. mace, pepper spray, fireworks
  • Fog or vapour machines and smoke grenades
  • Martial arts training weapons, e.g. Nunchucks, Bokken, etc.
  • Heavy items that could be used as weapons
  • Drones and small remote control toys
  • Realistic replica rocket and missile launchers, mortars, and other anti-aircraft or artillery props.

     It is illegal to carry a knife or gun, even an imitation one and legally you can be arrested and prosecuted – for further information please see the legal guidance here:


Cosplay Rules

HorrorConUK is a family friendly event and attendees must ensure that their costumes are appropriate in this respect. Nudity is strictly prohibited; costumes must cover your private parts!  Any costume that could be deemed as offensive such as displaying of hate symbols (e.g. swastikas), or those that are culturally insensitive, or show disrespect to a specific group or person are also prohibited.   Military, law enforcement, medical personnel, government agent, or similarly themed costumes must also be easily identifiable from current, official uniforms. We also discourage oversized costumes and props too.  If in doubt, give us a shout!

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