Something Wicked this way comes!

Help Can I bring my kids?

Yes! Well, as long as they are a horror lover – Please don’t bring a sensitive child who is likely to get upset at the sight of the various ghouls, demons, zombies, serial killers and bloody monsters roaming the corridors!  We ask that you use your discretion: Does your child really love horror? We have no desire to police or tell parents how to do their job, and we believe that parents have their child’s best interests at heart and know what their child can or can’t handle. BUT please remember the horror world is an adult world – many of the traders stalls will feature graphic merchandise based on horror films, books, special effects etc. and fruity language may be used during Q & A’s and elsewhere!   It’s your call! If they’re happy they are very welcome.  Children aged 11 & under are free with a paying adult. Children 14 & under must be accompanied by a paying adult.  Children aged 15 – 16 years old may attend without adult supervision from 11:00am onwards.  Children under 18 are strictly prohibited from any film screenings.

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