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Help Can I get a photo with the special guests?

Yes, there will be professional photo opportunities.  You will receive a glossy 8×10 of you with the special guest in front of a professional backdrop.  However the number is limited and will be offered on a first come first served basis.  If you book a photo you must be available to attend 5 minutes before you are scheduled, so if your photo is at 11 be there for 10:55am, the shoots are very tight – if you show up late we cannot guarantee your photo, its a bit like turning up late to the airport for a flight and asking the Steward to “Get the plane to come back”!  Put an alarm on your phone to remind you!

Photo Shoots will take place upstairs in the Fuel room – entry is via The Red Hall Restaurant stairs.  Whilst in the queue for your photo shoot please have your ticket ready to hand to our lovely assistants to scan.  Once inside the photo area please get ready for your photo – maybe take off your coat and be ready to place your belongings on the table inside (we will look after your stuff!).  The line moves very quickly once you’re with the guest, you have around 30 seconds!  So consider the pose you want taken before you get inside!  No kissing or lifting of the guests allowed!  Sorry!  Your photo is ready for collection a few seconds after it has been taken.  If you have left your belongings with us don’t forget to pick them up! We use professional photographers so there shouldn’t be any problems with your photo, but if something is wrong with your photograph e.g. you blinked etc or did a wonky face, you MUST let the photographer know there and then otherwise it is impossible to rectify afterwards.  Refunds cannot be given on photographs.  A photo shoot schedule of time slots will be published on our website around week before the event.

Each photo op ticket allows one person only in that photo op.  We do allow more than one person in a photo op, but each person is required to have purchased their own photo op ticket – you will each receive your own copy of the photograph.  We will allow up to two children under 12 to be in a photo free of charge with your photo op ticket.



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